Chun King

2771 Monument Rd Ste 33
Jacksonville, FL 32225



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November 5th, 2011

Owner: Blackie Environment: Quiet and very friendly. Decor: Asian style but not overwhelming. Food: Fantastic Thai, Chinese & Japanese. Service: Fantastic and fast. Price: Very reasonable, will not break the family bank. The decor is kept simple, but don't let that fool you. The food is so fantastic my children grew up eating there for over 12 years. Blackie has watched them grow up from childhood to adulthood. And it’s still the first place we all eat out at when they come into town on visits. This is your one stop eatery for Asian cuisine. Everything you can think of from Thai, Chinese and Japanese styles of flavors all balled up into one place. And if it's not on the Menu, just ask Blackie and he will make it for you. Sushi: I have eaten sushi all over town and no one can hold a stick to CHUN KING sushi. At last count I think there are 28 different rolls he can make for you. If you have an idea for a roll let him know what you want in it and he will make. If Blackie and others like it enough don’t be surprised if it shows up on the menu. You will also be supporting Mayport fishermen, because Blackie gets his fish fresh from the locals every day. Some of regulars and my favorites are: HOUSE SPECIAL WOR BAR - a combo of shrimp, scallops, chicken, beef & veggies served on a sizzling cast iron plate. ROASTED & CRISPY DUCK – need I say more. HUNAN CRISPY FISH – whole red snapped seasoned to perfection. PAHT THAI – stir fried rice noodles with veggies, peanuts with a sweet Thai flavor. JAPANESE TEMPURA & HIBACHI – just like going to a Japanese steak house but without the show. YELLOW CURRY – The wife likes this one because of the pineapple. PANANG CURRY – This is my favorite curry, I take it medium I can’t handle the hot version. In ending: Once you go to CHUN KING you will always find yourself going back. You will get to know the customers and what days they come to eat. Blackie knows all his regulars by name and it shows when they walk in and he starts yelling out orders for the back to start preparing. You will find yourself talking to the people surrounding you and making new friends. Once Blackie gets to know you just might get your own pair of real chop sticks and chop stick case to put your name on. That is a sure sign you are a regular when they see you come in and they pull your sticks off the storage wall. Go there, check out what others are getting or just try something different. You will not be disappointed. Tell them KIMO sent you….

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