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June 13th, 2009

This resto opened when I left the Mountainside area. I always knew it was there, yet only recently have I made it a recent stop on my jaunts to-from-Jersey. Their soups are fantastic. I've tried their tom yum goong as well as their Tom Kha Talay (both were served spicy-hot). Good balance of flavors, not too heavy-handed with one flavor over another. Plenty of seafood and savories in the soups. Very pleasant! Their beef satay and their spring rolls appetizers were very satisfying. The beef was well marinated, and served with a small cup of peanut sauce and a small cucumber salad. Tasty, satisfying. Competitively priced. The springrolls are minis, so if one were to dine with others and choose to share plates, this would be a lovely choice. Plenty of tiny springrolls to go around. Delicious, crispy, wonderful. Thai ice tea is another traditional thing I enjoy. It's a reddish brew, very sweet, served icy cold over ice with cream. Any of their coconut curries are delightful, just ask them to omit the sugar if you don't like it too sweet. A fave dessert of mine is sticky rice with mango. It's a seasonal item, yet if mango's in season, ask for it! It's worth it! The sticky rice is cooked with coconut milk and sugar and a hint of salt, served still warm with a drizzle of coconut milk, and slices of icy cold juicy fresh mango. Be sure to take the perfect bite... get some warm sticky rice on your fork and spear a piece of mango... and pop in your mouth. Heaven! After writing this review, I might just have to make a special trip to Clark (over an hour's drive, one-way from where I live), to satisfy my craving!

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