Bamboo Club

8624 E Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260



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October 23rd, 2004

Bamboo club in Scottsdale has always been one of our favorite places to dine and bring out of town guests to until last night. Having made reservations earlier in the week, I was told that it would be really crowded and the cooking may take longer than normal. I was ok with that because you serve so fast anyway.  The reason I am writing this has nothing to do with the above except to say from the moment we walked into the resturant last night we were disappointed and except for the quality of the food we enjoy we may never return or rec. to our friends.  There were so many open tables ( 6:00 Reservation) and your hostess insisted that we sit at tiny table on top of other parites.  After we suggested a table for two in a corner, she had the nerve to tell us that was reserved.  WE HAD A RESERVATION!!!!!!!!!!.   From that time forward my husband wanted to leave, then the manager came over and informed us we were bring difficult and did we not realize it was Valentine's Day and they were expecting over 300people.  He finally agreed to a table for two in a high traffic area.   During our stay at the Bamboo Club, there was never a wait at the door nor were any of the tables for 4 that we asked for ever filled. For the  futrue,  you might make a suggestion to serve the people in front of you with more dignity then wait for the unexpected guests which never arrived. We were also served a dirty plate and then it was replaced with a chiped plate.   A lOYAL, BUT DISSAPOINTED  DINER,

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