Shanghai Palace

7901 E Thomas Rd #108
Scottsdale, AZ 85251



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September 10th, 2010

I love the Spicey Seafood Soup, GREAT FOOD! Service is HORRIBLE so it must authentic!!! Be prepared to wait and wait and wait....almost... oh, there's the waitress...uh there she goes:

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July 29th, 2010

We had a horrible experience at this restaurant. We were a party of two sat at a large table in the center of the restaurant. No one came to take our order for well over 10 minutes. At first we didn't notice the extremely long wait given the extensive menu, but after a good five minutes it became apparent no one was going to wait on us. A good five minutes later, the hostess finally came to take our order. We waited another 5-10 minutes to get our drinks. While waiting for the drinks, we asked one of the bus boys to at least get us some water. The bus boy was more responsive than our server/hostess. A good five minutes after placing the drink order with the hostess, the server finally came to our to take our order, which had already been taken. Apparently the order had been misplaced, so it took a considerable about of time to get our food. Once the food arrived, I was served the worst tasting Pad Thai I have ever experienced. I had asked for it to be prepared "spicy," instead I received sweet tasting Pad Thai. I highly do NOT recommend this restaurant.

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May 22nd, 2010

Shanghai Palace is GREAT!! Ive been to many Chinese Restaurants in the valley, however this one is better than far. Great food, great people....We eat there 2-3 times a week.

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March 5th, 2009

An amazing find, relaxing atmosphere, good service, and fabulous food at an affordable price. One of the few Asian restaurants not afraid to serve SPICY! food to us white folk. :) We recommend the tom yum and the lemongrass chicken. And Tottie is adorable!

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April 20th, 2008

Great Thai food!

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February 13th, 2008

There food is out of this world!!! Its a must try! Ive nver been found of Thai food til I ate there! Great food! Plus Service

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December 31st, 2007

this is one of my favorite restaurants im here everyweek when im not cooking bbq

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December 19th, 2007

this restaurant is awesome! I recommed the pho thai soup .

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November 24th, 2007

The Shanghai Palace in Scottsdale was better then any other Thai restaurant I've ever been to. The staff was friendly and compatent, and the food was superb.

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August 27th, 2007

Shanghai Palace is a warm, friendly restaurant offering excellent food and great service in a pleasant and casual dining environment. Our menu features your favorite Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes like kung pao, pad Thai and pho tai, as well as items you may not find elsewhere. Dim sum is available a la carte. We also offer homemade ice cream in exotic flavors like coconut, lychee, mango and avocado. We are located on the southwest corner of Hayden and Thomas Roads in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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