Thai Terrace

2055 N Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, FL 33607



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September 6th, 2010

We were looking for a little hole-in-the-wall kind of place to try out a new gastronomical 'excursion'. Thai Terrace was exactly what we had in mind. We were driving south on Dale Mabry and I happened to glance to the left and saw a modestly decorated facade that, due to its inaustatious modestly, seemed to stand out regarding the neighborhood it is positioned within. After stopping by with the wife in tow, for a very nice dinner and excellent service, we simply had to come back the next evening with the daughter to show her our latest discovery. This review is based upon our second visit. We purposely ordered completely different dishes to see how they would measure up to our previous days visit. When we entered the facility, we were immediately greeted by someone whom our daughter would lovingly term as, "The Dragon Lady". We were shown to our seats, given menus printed on what seemed to be something akin to recycled paper and asked for our drink order. The wife was feeling a little 'spunky' and ordered plum wine while the daughter and I decided to drink water in order to prevent foreign flavors from corrupting the experience. To make this story a bit shorter than it really should be, the Wonton soup is very flavorful and not anything like what would be offered in a Chinese restaurant. The Tom Kha soup (coconut), bursting with exotic tastes, was silky smooth and the Tom Yum soup was an elegant balance of ingredients and preparation. The main course arrived in about 10 minutes after our order was taken by 'The Dragon Lady', and since we had sampled such a fine array of soups, we were wondering if what was arriving on the tray would be able to compete with such well-executed appetizers. After we took only one forkful, we were quickly assured that everything was up to our expectations. The Roast Chicken was moist and tender and the accompanying salad had a delicate dressing of the proper amount on it. The Phad Thai, a national dish and considered to be the mainstay of most Thai restaurants, was lightly seasoned and the rice noodles were cooked to perfection. As for the Mongolian Beef, like the previous dishes, was of sufficient proportion and preparation to be wel appreciated. It seemed as though the the complex, aromatic bouquets wafting from the onamental plates offered promises of culinary craftwork that seemingly overwhelmed the humble surroundings of the eatery. To say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and felt as though we were dining at a 4-star table is insufficient enough in regards to describing our experience. Everything brought to the table was of generous proportions and carefully seasoned, even when the decision was made to increase the 'heat' of the dish by choosing on a scale of 1 to 5 as to how hot you would prefer your experience to be. Thai Terrace is one of those hidden little gems, that when discovered for oneself, requires no polishing whatsoever in order to increase the value of a fine dining experience at a reasonable price. 1st visit - $39 + tip for 2 diners. 2nd visit -

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October 20th, 2009

Authentic Thai food this is the place, as I learn to say while living in Thailand for five months, Mak Mak Aloie or very delicious, I have missed Thai food since I left Thailand in January of 2007 Living there for five months I got to try all kinds of food and I found some favorites, but coming back here food is not always the same or the same name. If you have been to Thailand and had food you never could find again, Thai Terrace is the place to go and ask for food you have had. After trying another restaurant I had emailed Thai Terrace to ask if they served cretin dishes I had fell in love with in Thailand and was given helpful information, even asking my fiancée to write what I wanted in Thai to email them and they told me what to order. So the service is as great as the food. If you want a treat go there and order tom yum Num Koon. This has Shrimp but it is a delicious soup. Another favorite of mine is larb gai and sticky rice, which they have. You might have to ask the hostess to show you how to eat sticky rice. I love the crispy duck on the Chef recommendations; the grilled Chicken is great too. The sampler is awesome and the cucumber sauce for the food on sampler is amazing. Some people have complained about the size of Thai Terrace and it is a little small but if you go during Saturday at 5 it is not too crowded. I hope you go and enjoy the food as much as I did.

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April 27th, 2008

Very authentic thai restaurant. Excellent foods/service/beer and wine. Relax/romantic atmosphere.

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