Royal Palace Thai

811 S Howard Ave
Tampa, FL 33606



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February 24th, 2010

Voted best Thai In Tampa Bay 5 years in a row by Tampa Bay Metro Magazine. Dining Fit for the King and I. "St Pete Times, Feb 4,2000". Read the critics reviews go there and judge for yourself rather than rely on one person (obviously some cheap charley with a bad attitude.) It sounds like this person with a bad review went their with the family of four, Took up a four seat table and ordered one entree, extra rice to share with the rest of the family. Anyone with any common sense would know that no restaurant can make a profit if all the costumers are like this person! Restaurants are in the business of making money and profit and not feeding the poor and cheap deadbeats of the world. I went in there, ordered four entrees with my guests with appetizers and desserts and drinks and my bill was still less than if we go to Chili's,s Outback, Apples or any other restaurant. Are Asian restaurants suppose to be automatically cheaper than American Restaurants??? He should go to a fast food chinese restaurant with re-cooked day old fried rice or day old greasy egg rolls or a buffet with day old re heated food if he does not want to spend money for fresh vegetables, MADE TO ORDER MEALS, and sauces from curry to stir fried all all homemade and not from a can from the local Chinese warehouse. Overtime I eat at the Royal Palace the food has been flavorful and the service fine. I went to my local pizza place and order a pizza and what the hell, they charged me for extra toppings!!!!!! I went to Benisons to order an entree and asked for onion soup. About $5.00!!! They charged me for the soup. According to this persons reasoning soup should be included with the entree? I got soup at the Royal Palace for $3.95. So what is this persons beef? I don't know but of many of the reviews I read I always see this person "Not recommend" all over the net which tells me Nothing would make him happy at any restaurant or this review is from a competitor looking to hurt Royal Palace. Anyway, I RECOMMEND Royal Palace and do ask for steamed dumplings. They are not Hawaiian "Pod Stickers" . And as for the entree, The Amazing Chicken, panang curry, and pad Thai are the best in the area!!!

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July 5th, 2009

"Not Recommended!" You know a restaurant is in trouble when they have a $2 charge for sharing entrees and charge for refills on Coke products! We didn't order an entree, because I was afraid if my child had a bite I was going to get the extra charge. This is the most bland tasting food I've eaten and that is all food, not just Thai. fried rice had no flavor, won ton soup had no flavor, steamed dumplings were missing half of the dough cover and were also very bland. The atmosphere is nice, but there is nothing ruder than reading a menu with extra charges for sharing, when prices are sky high to begin with. I told my server that the rice at a medium hot was too hot to eat. All I got from her was "sorry". Overall, the worst dining experiences I have had in Tampa, bar none.

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October 2nd, 2007

Hands down, the best Thai restaurant in the central Florida area. The recipes used for their menu are quite accomplished and definitely deserving of praise, considering their dishes are proudly traditional and closer to true Thai cuisine, than a lot of the other Americanized fare served around Tampa. Having actually been to Thailand, I will attest this is one of the best Iíve had in the states. Their panang curry & lobster was rated one of the best in the nation by Zagatís gourmet magazine. The atmosphere is by far above average with its natural, elegant, all wood interior and Asian influenced architecture. Dining on the open-air patio during the evening is a must. Start with the chicken satay or tom kha soup with real galangas and fresh lemongrass. Iíd personally recommend any Panang or red curry dish with Sing Ha Thai beer. Their Pad See Yew is fantastic as well. Located on S. Howard in Hyde Park, well within walking distance of Starbucks and other shops for an after dinner stroll.

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September 7th, 2007

The Royal Palace serves excellent Thai Thai food. The food is so good that one could easily forgive the less-than-generous portions. The service however, is a another matter all together. Eratic at best, certain servers/managers seem to have absolutely no problem being rude to their customers! My wife and I are regular customers yet this afternoon, despite clearly ordering 1 serving of dessert, we were billed for 2 - the server had the audacity to scratch the #2 out but refused to lower the price! Needless to say, we won't be returning.

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