Asian Bowl

Center St Square 15 Commerce Dr
Grayslake, IL 60030



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August 19th, 2010

This place was packed at lunch food was really great. I dont know but to me the satay was fresh soft and really good maybe the other guy ordered and waited 3 days to eat it? We have now eaten there 3 times and always get tons of good good food for the money.Basil Pork was really spicy for those who like heat in the food the eat. I liked the cashew chicken and Tom Yum soup everything was good so far not a bad meal. I would bring my friends there for a good meal and time just not at lunch its really crowded you may not get a table. A few times we had to leave its limited to the seats they have so go early if you go.

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August 19th, 2010

Interesting option in otherwise boring Grayslake. Has a pretty wide set of options and the sit down food has always been enjoyable. Some items are not going to travel / carry out well. (they might want to find better containers to keep things warm) They often have specials worth checking out. The Crab Rangoon is a favorite. Tempura was good. The green curry was also nice. Thai coffee was really different and enjoyable. The ladies do work hard here. Seems better than some, not as excellent as the Libertyville option for Thai

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October 7th, 2009

Carried out - maybe better dining in? spring rolls were loosely wrapped, room temperature and lacking flavor. chicken satay was dry, tough and had an artificial grilled taste, like something you'd buy frozen at Sam's Club. pad Thai was gloppy. None of the food had the fresh, bright flavors that you look for in Thai cuisine.

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June 27th, 2009

ver good food

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September 21st, 2008

Asian Bowl is absolutely one of the best little Thai restaurants around! Wonderful service, prices, portions and quality. Worth checking out even if you're not familiar with Thai cuisine... You'll be glad you went!

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June 2nd, 2007

Asia bowl is a great place real good prices and fast service. Food is very good, it has a good taste and color. Japanese food like teriyaki steak is great as well. They seem to do all foods well a bit of Asia in Lake county and the best out of the three I have been to there. I would recommend the basil pork spicy it was excellent !

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April 4th, 2007

Excellent little restaurant. I highly recommend the Pad Kee Mao.

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