Sal's Japanese Steakhouse

8230 E Kellogg Dr
Wichita, KS 67207



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July 3rd, 2005

Until recently my family has eaten at Sal's at least 4 times a month. However, I will never visit this establishment again. On Saturday, April 30th, my daughter, who had made reservations back in December for prom arrived 10 minutes early for her 7pm reservation. She was finally seated at 8:20, with her prom starting at 9pm over 30 minutes away. After sitting for another 15 minutes, she approached the manager to inform her that they had not been waited on as of yet, and was told to sit down or leave if she didnt like it. That comment I overheard since I was on her cell phone at the time. The party of 10 got up, left and ate their prom dinner at taco bell in 300.00 dresses. I later found out that my other daughter's prom party was treated so rudely and unprofessionally that their evening was not worth the time they spent there. I have placed several calls to Sal's, asking to speak with him personally, leaving my number each time, only to be told he isnt in, and then to have the same manager who hung up on me that night, call me back herself. For those of you who do not have teenage girls who might attend senior prom, you may not realize how upsetting this can be, but even their money is good after all isnt it? As I have said, my family and any of my friends will never visit this establishment again. Thanks Sal, for the wonderful memories!

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