Chiang Mai Thai

3141 S Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67216



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May 12th, 2009

This is the best Thai restaurant I've found anywhere. Their curry dishes are without compare. All the food is fresh and delicious, and the portions are generous. Despite the fact that only two to three people are working at a time, the restaurant provides quick and friendly service. The prices are also very modest for a lunch meal, running about $7. Enjoy this culinary gem.

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December 6th, 2008

Best Thai food in Wichita,sure, but I will never eat there again. The last time we called in an order, they said it would take 45 minutes. When we arrived, they suggested we cancel our order because they only had one cook. Why didn't they just say that they didn't want our business on the phone?

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March 7th, 2008

Best Thai food in the city!

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