Regent Thai

1700 Church St
San Francisco, CA 94131



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May 4th, 2008

I've been loving their truly fine Thai cuisine (it is Cuisine!) for many years. It always feels like going to a Temple...well, maybe not at primetimeon Sat or Sun night - but the almost spartan but exquisitely quiet decor is calming and frames the ingredients and flavors of their excellent preparations to a fare-thee-well. Also, no doubt the fact that it's gals only staff on both the preparation and the serving side that helps create the smooth and serene atmosphere. If duck tickles your fancy even a titch, don't even consider not ordering their Duck Salad to start things off. Finally, I do prefer going there outside the really business evenings for the very contained and soothing atmosphere. Word of mouth and repeat business has the Regent mighty busy during primetime... Remember, this place is so fine that it is a Destination Eatery. Lunchtimes here are easily my go-to choice. Let the fine menu guide your fancy, but don't hesitate to ask the staff any and all questions you may have as they are very well informed and as friendly and helpful as you could ever hope for.

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February 27th, 2007

I used to go there when I was in SF. I tried different thai restaurants all around the world included in Thailand, and this one remain all the time the best. Real not expensise very Thai food. For sure you have to go,

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February 9th, 2005

I've been to many Thai restaurants in The City and this is the best. The best food, the best service, best prices and authentic Thai. I have yet to send some one there on a referral that was not only absolutely satisfied, but said they were "going again and bringing some friends!"

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