Thai Happiness

1202 75th St
Ste L

Downers Grove, IL 60516



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July 12th, 2012

My wife & I love Thai & have dined at about every Thai restaurant in the western burbs. Thai Happiness is the only one we have any allegiance to. Their spring rolls and chicken satay are unsurpassed and we keep coming back to their Pad Thai & Cashew Chicken. For Happiness with Thai: it's Thai Happiness for us.

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March 15th, 2012

This is simply the best Thai food around - and consistently so. Ever since Ben and Freddie opened their place in the early 1990's we have found no better Thai food anywhere, even after moving far away across the country. Whenever we visit the Chicago area, their place is at the top of our list for great food served and cooked by two wonderful people.

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May 23rd, 2011

This Restaurant is the best in this area, my husband and I like to go there and the owner is very friendly and the food is very yummy!!!

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May 11th, 2011

I have to agree that this place is a real gem for Downers Grove. The room is simple but the food is very good.

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March 5th, 2011

The worst restaurant I have ever experience in my life time ...I went there last week and ordered for fried rice and they burnt it more and it smells burnt and when I asked the guy about it he said no and he was using bad words in his language and yelling at me and later a lady came over and she made another one for us..It was horrible experience so I would suggest no to this to any was not cleaned ...nto worht for the money ..

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November 25th, 2008

Are you kidding? It's the best! We have been quietly enjoying their incredible food for more than 12 years and have never had anything but a wonderful meal. I hesitate to encourage others to go there for fear of exposure, but for Freddy I'll do it. Eat here, do it often, it's REMARKABLE food.

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March 7th, 2008

The best Thai food EVER!

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June 28th, 2005

I moved from DG to STL but get back to CHI a lot on business. This place is great. I eat Thai all over hte country and this is still one of my favorites.

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