Thai Garden


10 Blanding Blvd Ste A
Orange Park, FL 32073



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October 5th, 2012

Anyone who eats Thai food in the Jacksonville area will discover that the Thai Garden is best hands down in the area. You will not be dissatisfied with the quality of service provided. The taste of this delight is dansing on my toung as I type. Reservations now made.

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October 8th, 2011

My husband and I absolutely love Thai Garden! Their fresh spring rolls are so good. I always order a bowl of tom kha gai. It's so delicious! The Pad Thai is the best I've ever had. No other Thai restaurants in town can even come close. The atmosphere is cozy and service is impeccable. Thai Garden is the best!

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February 9th, 2011

We have eaten at Thai Garden so many times,can't keep count. The service there is awesome. We always ask to be seated at Mitchell's area. He is fantastic. The food is outstanding, we have had the duck, Pad Thai, Lad Na(whole snapper)massamum, and the apps.are to die for,the fresh spring rolls,crab rangoons,and their calamari is so tender it melts in your mouth. Sometimes we just go in and just have apps. and a beer or wine. We have been to quite a few of the other Thai restaurants around town some that are popular, but Thai Garden is by far the best.....I recomend it

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May 3rd, 2007

Great food and great Customer Service. I'll rate it a 4 star!

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