Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine

3135 NE Broadway
7937 SE 13th Ave

Portland, OR 97232



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January 28th, 2005

Sweet Basil has a bar which opens at 4:30..the sign outside states 4:30 and on the menu, happy hour food starts at 4:30. once you get in the bar, if the bartender even shows up on time to open..he gives a lecture stating that it really doesnt open until 5pm because the kitchen is not open until then. The owner needs to know what the bartender is telling the customers. No wonder the bartender is always late opening, he has his own hours. The owner needs to hang out in the bar and see what goes on between the bartender and the customers. Then maybe the bartender will learn better etiquette with the customers. And if they state happy hour food menu starts at 4:30 then the kitchen should open at 4:30! At this time my group and I will never go back!

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