Midland Wok

11082 Midland Blvd
Overland, MO 63114



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August 21st, 2009

I arrived at the restraunt right at 5 when the owner, a young 20-something, approached with a bag full of groceries. The place was a little out of my way, Thai Kitchen was within walking distance but their food was so bland I desperately searched for something with a little more flavor and found that and much more at Midland Wok. It's small... take-out-style is the decor, but who cares... I didn't even pay attention to the decor once the food was infront of me! The currya> was so flavorful and creamy... probably more authentic than most places in the area. I would not recommend this place if you prefer a more bland thai place like the King and I or Thai Kitchen. The price was just right too. I don't have time to cook and eat out once a day during the week... I stop here for at least one of those meals. The best part? I love leftovers... they are my favorite part of eating out. I had enough for three meals! Service, large portions of food, tastes fantastic! Dinning area is small, easy to get food quickly at lunch, needs more business in evenings so they can hire more help during the lunch rush.

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