Thai Avenue and Sushi Bar

6920 Sterling Rd
Hollywood, FL 33024



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June 1st, 2011

"This wonderful restaurant supplied many memorable lunches for us while living in South Florida! The service was exceptionally friendly and prompt and the food was simply top notch Thai fare. My wife is from Thailand and was able to order dishes quite comparable to her mother's delicious style of Thai food. The owners, Ton and ta are to be congratulated for a job well-done!" - David Johnson & Songser Punpaoph

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October 7th, 2005

One of the best thai restaurants i ever been too,hands down! They have Basil plants and lemmon grass plants growing inside and they pick off the leaves for your dish. I cant believe how different the tom kha gai taste when everything is fresh.I see chunks of galanga root in my soup thats dark green (aka fresh) not the standard brown old non-intense flavor of many Thai restaurants.I am posting this review cause they are new and i want them to stay open :) I told the owners Todd and Kit i was posting this and they said anyone who says "SingHa" when they come in will get 10% off on everything. Oh the "SingHa" is served ice-cold best for Thai beer.Enjoy folks!

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