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April 19th, 2011

I and my group of friends who are also vegetarian and we decided to check out Thai Cuisine. The atmosphere was nice and we were seated in a back room. It took about 10 mins to get our drinks and it was a slowly Sunday evening. When ordering we told them specifically our dietary needs and the waitress was helpful on telling us what dishes they could make vegetarian. After about 20 mins our food arrived. Each one of our orders were wrong. All of them had meat in them. We sent them back and with in two minutes our meals had been brought back. You could see there they had just pulled the meat out and sent out the same dish. This could be dangerous considering that we perhaps made the request based on a food allergy. One of us took a bite of her Pad Thai only to find chicken in it still. After this we spoke to the mng and told him the issue, he proceeded to tell us that he didn't see any chicken in the dish, we showed him the chicken. We were told they could remake our order but that it would take 40 min to do so. Confused why it would take so much longer this time and already being there for almost an hour trying to get our orders right we decided to pay for our drinks and leave. While paying for our drinks, which they did not even offer to comp for us a woman came up to us stating she was the owner and was wanting to know why we did not want the meal she had remade for us. We told her they still contained meat. She began to sound angry and said she had made it for us a 3rd time (although the second time she didn't remake it, just picked out the meat, and when the meals came back they were cold even) We were polite and said no thank and she kept insisting rudely that she tried to make us happy. Needless to say, after this visit and the treatment we received we will not be returning to this establishment

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