Thai Lanna LLC

335 W Plaza Dr Ste N
Mooresville, NC 28117



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April 15th, 2011

We can't find fault and with 3 kids who prefer Burger King,this place has always kept our family ready and anxious for our favorite vacation Asian meal.Time and again it's always been our little piece of heaven!

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January 18th, 2011

This place is amazing. Great food, beautiful decor, intimate atmosphere. I just moved here from the D.C. area, and I was so sad to leave my favorite Thai restaurant, Tara Thai, in Rockville, MD. However, I lucked into finding this gem -- Thai Lanna -- way back in a shopping center in Mooresville. It absolutely buries my previous favorite, and I HIGHLY recommend it! Best green curry I've had, and that's saying a lot. Very reasonably priced, and service is the best one could ask for. Delicious food, impeccably spiced and cooked with REALLY fresh ingredients, and I'm so glad to have found an even better replacement favorite Thai restaurant in my new neighborhood!

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February 26th, 2008

If there’s one thing the Mooresville has lacked, it’s a good Thai restaurant. Where else can you find food that is the perfect blend comforting and exotic, a staff that treats you like you’re the only customer and incredible atmosphere? Not many other places, I can tell you. But the Triad lacks no more, with the new Thai Lanna restaurant. When you first open the door you are hit with the scent of burning incense and exotic spices. Soothing Asian music is playing and the entire staff, from the waiters to the cashier, is garbed in traditional Thai robes. The seating area is on the smallish side, but is surprisingly tranquil for being so close to one of High Point’s busiest streets. It is as if you have stepped into another world. The food is wonderful. For appetizers, we had Thai Coconut Soup and chicken satay. Both were excellent. The soup was creamy, with just enough spice to bite, but not enough to sting. The satay came with homemade peanut sauce, and the chicken was surprisingly juicy. Both are well worth the higher prices. Thai Lanna is already gaining a name for its unusual entrées. Featuring dishes such as Evil Jungle Princess and Weeping Macho Man, they are sure to provoke a smile. We went with tried and true masaman curry, a yellow curry with carrots, onions, potatoes, chicken and peanuts. Though the portions are on the small side, it so rich you’ll be surprised how fast you fill up. If you are a lover of Thai food, or even a first timer, you are sure to fall in love with Thai Lanna. From its attentive staff to its delicious dishes, Thai Lanna is definitely worth a visit.

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March 10th, 2007

We have eaten at Thai Lanna since it opened and we have never been dissatisfied. The food is consistanly delicious and the service is always good. Thai restaurants are known for their friendly and courteous wait staff and Thai Lanna is no exception. Great food!

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