Jasmine Thai

3897 Haverhill Rd
West Palm Beach, FL 33417



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December 1st, 2010

This place was the absolute best!!!!!!!!!! We would go every Friday. The food was beyond excellent! Great price, great quality, plentiful portion. The service was friendly, in fact we became friends with Stephanie and Tony who worked there. I seem to compare every Thai place with this place... my friend Iain and I criticize any other Thai as .... "It's not Jasmine"

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May 27th, 2009

I used to live down the street from Jasmine Thai, and now that I have moved away, I miss it all the time. Their yellow curry is the best that I have ever had. I also love their peanut dressing. Plus everyone that works there is so great, and no matter how long I hvae been away, when I come back to visit, they always remember me. Such a great place to eat.

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