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223 G St
Davis, CA 95616



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March 22nd, 2008

I love this restaurant. I have been going there for a couple years. The service is always wonderful (it is always nice to be recognized as a frequent customer--they even know my order before I tell them). The food is terrific and portion sizes are always fine. I recommend this restaurant for anyone who enjoys good food, good service, and a comfortable atmosphere. Oh, and my kids love it, too!

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December 3rd, 2007

To lunch customer, thier menus show BOTH lunch and dinner. Every places serve dinner on holidays. Don't talk like you got lunch portion for dinner price! Lunch portion usually comes with a little bit of meat and rice on the same plate. For dinner price, the portion is much bigger than that and i guess you ate it all. So don't go claiming that you want lunch price after you ate your dinner portion. That's isn't very nice of you. I am their regular customers and i personally think that they are reasonable with everything.

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November 20th, 2007

This place is just after your money and the service is terrible. They charged the dinner price for a lunch entree claiming that dinner prices applied during lunch hours on holidays. I pointed out that they had given me a menu with lunch prices but they would not honor it.

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November 18th, 2007

NOOO. If you look more careful, it says PER PERSON on white rice only! and their brown rice is the best! I have been their customers since they opened and always get the best service and food. I highly recommend this restaurant!

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August 23rd, 2007

- Food was decent - Service was slow - Un-organized staff - Poor rice policy The "poor rice policy" comment: We were a party of six. Of the six, one person wanted white rice, and tww wanted brown rice. On the menu, white rice is $1.00 per person and brown rice is $1.50 per person. We got one medium container filled to the brim with plain, white, steamed rice. Very generous amount, too much for one person to finish. We also got one large container one-quarter of the way full of brown rice. Barely enough rice for even one person, let alone two. My friend had his share, but I did not have enough, as I eat a lot more than him. After finishing up the rice, and still having plenty of curry left, I kindly asked for more rice. Despite taking a long time for someone to notice my waving hand in the air, someone finally came by to take away the rice containter. When it was returned, I discovered even less rice in the container... I finished it off, and thought I wouldn't bother the staff for yet another helping of rice. When the bill came, we found they charged $1.00 for white rice and $6.00 for brown rice!! We didn't even get four servings of brown rice!! $6.00 for rice that wasn't even enough to fill me!? That's ridiculous! You can buy a 25lb-bag of brown rice for $8.00!! The rice should be charged "per person" as stated in the menu... and there should be enough rice to finish the dishes that I ordered.

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