153 Plz Dr Ste 107
Vallejo, CA 94591



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May 14th, 2009

me and a friend were seated at 6:40pm on December 27, 2006 . Our water came with our meals (instead of before our meals). We were sitting there thirsty the entire time. When our food did finally arrive, of course there was something wrong. The dish that she brought me contained mushrooms which were requested to be left out. The waitress took my dish back and was never to be seen again. She did not refill our water the entire time we were there, did not ask if we needed refills of our Thai Thai ice tea. Remember we were seated at 6:40pm, I watched my friend eat and eat for almost an hour; the waitress returned at 7:50pm! From 6:40pm-7:50pm I am seated, my order taken and no food! When my order came I told the waitress this was the worst thai restaurant I had ever been to. She replied smiling (I kid you not) Her exact words: 'oh ok hee heee heee' . I asked her in the beginning for a split check to which she needed to be reminded again (surprise) when she brought our combined check. The food I recieved was mediocre . If anyone dares to say 'this is the best thai food I've ever had' then you just have lived in a cave your whole life and never eaten at another thai restaurant. The food portions were also medicore, borderlining giving small portions for the price. This restaurant has HORRIBLE customer service, no one should be left waiting for 50 minutes without their food brought to them.

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