Ruen Pair Authentic Thai Cuisine

1045 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA 94706



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January 1st, 2008

We were their on Friday night the place was totally full, no free table but it look undercontrol. we wait for about 10-15 min then we got our table, we order right away the food came fast then we thought, Fish cake and prawn Cake are very delight full, papaya salad is amazing very fresh they use mohark(original thai style) most resturant just mix it, Pad Kee Mao is very tasty and powerfull, pad ped is has alot of eggplant and bamboo shot, we had 2 curry and it awesome their cuury paste is very good(i ask them where their buy it they said they made is their on site) that way it so fresh and sooooo Good. most of all this place is amazing truly Authentic THAi, THis is the place i would go for real Thai food. I have visit many many Thai Resturant in the bay area and this place is the best

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September 28th, 2007

We decided to try Ruen Pair last night around 6:30 PM. We viewed the menu on line, which looked very exciting and tasty. When we arrived at the restaurant, it was cheerful with lots of lights and beautiful art. That is where the good times ended. There were no tables free, and no one greeted us until I stepped into the space in front of the bar filled with dirty glasses. It was a chaotic scene with people waiting for to go orders and tables and no list of any kind. We were told the wait would be about 5-10 minutes. After about 20 or 30 minutes, we were seated, after having to affirm to the other diners standing in line, that we were supposed to be next. Luckily, we had our menus with us, because, after sitting down we were never approached again. I saw the server take the order from the party seated right ahead of us and tried to catch her eye, but she turned away. I stopped a young man, but he hurried on. We sat trying to get water at least, watching and smelling delicious looking food, for another 25 minutes. Total net loss one hour and no dinner, no water, no munchies to tide us over and no apologies. Finally, we got up and left. This restaurant needs to call 911 for more help; maybe they can get away with this because the food is that good? Or maybe we hit it on a really bad night? But, as I was waiting I saw a table return a soup to the kitchen that was inedible. Next time the mood for Thai food strikes, I might try take out at Ruen Pair, or maybe they could put some board games like Chess in the waiting room.

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