Thai Chili

1812 N Tustin St
Orange, CA 92865



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July 12th, 2008

I came to the Thai Chili for the first time with a friend who kept raving about it, I have been a loyal,frequent visitor ever since then. The food is great, the service is top-notch. They get your food out within 5 minutes, and it's by far the best tasting Thai food I have ever experienced.

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June 8th, 2008

I've been looking for good thai place since I moved in Anaheim area for a while. I 've found one place that my friend told me to try, on Tustin st, near The Village, orange mall. I fell in love with their food and warm welcome service over there. chicken satay and yellow curry together with Padthai chicken really impressed me and my friends on that night. My friends ordered sticky rice with mango and young coconut icecream. Even thou I didn't try them coz i was too full, but the desserts looks so delicious. And their decorration is so natural, with many thai flower and tree, esp the REAL waterfall. The most stunning moment would be the LIVE music show!! There is one gal dressed up with traditional thai dress and play some thai instrument on the stage.... very soft sound like guitar. Overall, i and my friends had a really great nite outand we definitely will be back. (I found out that they have reasonably cheap lunch special meal at $5.95, comes with rice, wonton soup, one main choice of food) Pros: O'course their food and service from wait Cons: too bad they are located in the blind spot of the mall, take some effort to find 'em but it's worth your time, i'm telling ya.

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January 2nd, 2008

My name is Bryan McCarthy. I have just moved into Anaheim area not long ago and I usually accessed your ocregister website to find the places to dine out with my friends and family. Last Friday, I had a chance to visit a Thai restaurant on Tustin St., called Thai Chili restaurant with my girlfriend. We have heard of this place a few times from our friends and decided to give it a try. What we found out was that the food and services there was very very good and the price was quite a greal deal that we would like to tell you to to try that out, because I don't think that I have seen your review on this one just yet. The restaurant was nicely decorated with the natural theme: grapevine, trees and a waterfall. There were also nice mural paintings. The slow music mixed with the sounds from the waterfall made feel soothing. We ordered chicken satay and Mee Krob as appetizer and we ordered pad Thai and Red Curry. (This place is obviously very famous for Pad Thai) I decided to also try on Spicy Fried Rice. After just a short wait, our food came out. Mee Krob and Satay Chicken were very tasteful and beautifully garnished. And then along came our main dishes, Pad Thai, Red Curry and Spicy Fried Rice. The plates were big and we wondered if we could ever finish them. Pad Thai was really really good as it's famous for. The red curry was flavorsome. For me, I really liked Spicy Fried Rice. After a few bites, I started to feel a little spicy, but not too much, just about the feeling that gives you more appetize. At the end, the price was surprisingly inexpensive considerin we were really full and even had something to take home. Overall, what I really like about this place is the customer service is very good, even they were quite busy. The waitresses were very welcoming. They greeted us with smile from the first step we entered the place. And the restaurant itself make you feel relaxing. However, the best of all must go to the food taste and quality. I can say it is one of the best restaurant I have ever tried.

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December 1st, 2007

I usually surf the net and read newspaper to see what's new around the town and check out new restaurants in my area. I am enjoy eating a great food. This is the second time I ever write in the webboard like this but I can't stop myself from sharing this info with others about this restaurant. My nature of work travel a lot and I enjoy eatting out at new places. Personally I really love cooking and I have to admit that I become quite detail when it comes to the food taste. About a week ago my friends took me to the dinner at a restaurant called 'Thai Chili Restaurant' on the intersection of Tustin St. and Taft, near Orange Mall. The restaurant is not in an outstanding location but not too hard to find; it is directly opposite to the Shell gas station and Home Depot. The decoration gives warm, homey feeling from trees as well as relaxation sound from the real waterfall. The lighting was kind of romantic (unfortunately I didn't go with my girlfriend) but that is not the best of it. Waitress was friendly and gave us some suggestion on food order. We ordered combination appetizer "Thai tiger beef salad" as a try out. The "Bangkok-Cup" (as a part of combo app) was very good and the peanut sauce went very well with beef satay (also in the combo app). The tiger beef wasn't really the tiger meat but charbroiled marinated beef. What made it special was its spicy sauce, which brought us a little heat and appetize. Then, we ordered pad Thai shrimp, Thai chili spicy fried fish which is served with panang curry, pineapple fried rice which are all in the chef special's list. I have to say Pad-Thai here is the best one I have ever tried; the noodle was soft and full of flavor but not soaked and shrimp is about right. The fried fish and panang (a kind of Thai curry) had a hint aroma of herb and and spices with a little spicy taste, which was compatible with a fruity and a little sweety taste from pineapple fried rice. At the end of the meal, the price was reasonable; in fact it is quite inexpensive. It wasn't so crowded at that time and I had a chance to have a conversation with the server and found out that all of the chefs there are genuine Thais, unlike most of Thai or other restaurants in the area where hispanic chefs are used. The head chef is a veteran having more than 25 years of experience and the sous chef is also a nutritionist and have a cooking degree from a cooking college in Thailand. The restaurant has opened for just only about a year but most of the customers are the returning customers. Writing this review now make me feel like going there again. I strongly recommend thai-food lover to go there and check out for yourselves and I guarantee you won't be dissapointed. Don't forget to ask for "sticky rice with mango" as a dessert from the server, they are made special and not available every day. I searched from google and they also have their website . Here is their info: Thai Chili Restaurant 1812 N. Tustin St., Orange Tel: (714)-998-3822, (714)-998-9527 Best regards, Vichie

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September 10th, 2004

Great food, friedly service. Will recommend to friends ! Kat Los Angeles

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August 27th, 2004

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our cuisine, Thai Chili Restaurant. To experience the difference, our dining place represents an incredible collection of Thai food which is complimented with our special beverage, Wine. Prepared under the direction of the 20-years-plus-experience chef, the cuisine delivers the sensational food, exquisite entrees. Our Philosophy is "customer first", and customer wants good food and great service in relax dining area. To meet this demand Thai Chili provides this tasteful experience with exceptional food and spectacular nature atmosphere at an exceptionally affordable price. Just think of Thai Chili Restaurant as your own dining area with soft music and the natural “real” waterfall near your side. We would like to invite and welcome you to experience the finest and delicious Thai food at our cuisine. Please join us to indulge your senses with Thai Chili. Sincerelys, Thai Chili Restaurant

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