Prommares Thai Food

6362 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89146



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January 19th, 2011

I am not the most versed on Thai food but I'm trying. I have eat plenty of Pad Thai and Pad See-Eew. I'm am now trying new things. As for the Pad Thai and Pad See-Eew at Prommares it is definitely the best I have had. The Pad Thai had lots of chicken and bean sprouts which I love. My GF asked for no spice so it was not spicy but still had that sweet peanuty flavor. The Pad See-Eew was loaded with Chinese broccoli and chicken. It was the best I have had yet. Now for the new things I was told to try by my Muay Thai instructor. We had the Tom Kha Gai soup which is sliced chicken with coconut milk, straw mushroom, galangal, lemon grass and a touch of lime juice. WOW is the only word I had for this soup. It had so many different flavors that just blended so well together. It came out in a huge bowl for us to share. It was so much we got four servings out of it. It too was loaded with chicken. I must say not one dish we had lacked a large amount of meat. I then tried the Beef Panang. It is a red curry cooked with coconut milk and Thai Basil. I cannot compare this to others as this is the first time I had it, but I liked it so much this is my new order for whenever i go somewhere. This dish was excellent. We had that huge bowl of soup, Pad Thai, Pad See-Eew, Beef Panang, rice, and two Thai Teas for $35. What a great deal for good sized portions of excellent Thai food. I have been to both Archi's and Pin Kaow alot but I think I like this place better. The owner was extremely nice and I really think the family-owned type atmosphere made me feel like this place was more "authentic" than the other. I felt as if I were at their house for a family dinner. It was GREAT!!

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