Thai Bowl

1049 W Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60607



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March 5th, 2009

Good food! Shrimp pad Thai is the best among many restaurants I have tried before. Good service! I haven't face any problem with the staff. Sometimes it's so busy and I understand that it's so hard to serve and meet all customer requirements at that time. I give two thumps up for the taste, high quality and quantity of food offered at a reasonable price. Check it out. You will love Thai Bowl like me.

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May 5th, 2005

Thai Bowl has some of the best Thai food I've eaten, especially at the price they offer. Though, be aware of the staff. Their agressive behavior should be overlooked. One important piece of advice: Always leave a tip or be prepared to be chewed out. Even if you're down the street, they will chase you down to give you a piece of their mind. However, I give the food an A+.

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December 11th, 2004

Don't eat there in the summer time on the patio. The pigeons fly down onto the plates and eat the scraps that people leave, walking all over the plates. They even flip the lids off of the sauce dishes and eat it. Then the staff puts the lids back on for serving to the next customer. Birds carry diseases. I alerted the authorities immediately but I do not know if anything happened in response.

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