Bangkok House

420 E Saginaw St
Lansing, MI 48906



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July 9th, 2011

After reading fantastic reviews, thought I go there. Traveled 15 miles to get food. Ordered very basic Thai food,Pad Thai told them that I don't want bean sprouts and asked if I can get vegetables if paid more. I was told that "vegetables are expensive & bean sprout is cheap so no." So, I was told that I will not get vegetables. I asked it to make it Extra Hot. I got my food in less than 3 minutes. Basically it was thin noodles cooked in cheap oil, sprinkled with crushed peanuts, few chicken pieces, red pepper with bunch of black peppers, and tossed with lemon juice. It was by far the WORST pad thai I had. Cm'on, pad thai is the basic food of Thai people and if you cannot get that right, you don't deserve to run the joint. SO AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST. I would go to other thai resturant such as Thai Kitchen in East Lansing, which serves a little better food. I would not believe what others are saying about this place, as I think that people working for this place has written previous reviews about it being fantastic. THIS IS AN HONEST REVIEW AND I DO NOT HAVE ANY AFFILIATION WITH ANY OF THIS THAI RESTURANTS.

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April 4th, 2011

This is absolutely the best Thai restaurant around. Springrolls are crispy and always fresh. Tom Kha Gai is unrivaled...and the portion is huge for the price. Many curries are delicious. I especially enjoy the masaman curry. The server (they only have one) is so sweet. When we arrive she gets us two Thai iced tea and puts in our order for springrolls and Tom Kha Gai, spicy. She even remembers that we like to have rice with our soup. Prices are SOOO cheap and the food is so good. This is a dont miss!!

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