Thai Kitchen

6700 Douglas Blvd
Douglasville, GA 30135



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November 23rd, 2009

My first time at Thai Kitchen was great; I can't knock the food because it's good. However, on my second visit, my husband found a hair in his noodles. The chick at the counter went digging around in his food and said that it was not hair. After we showed it to the nasty lady at the counter, she then said it was blond hair and it could not have come from the restaurant because none of them have blond hair. Well, neither do we. Both my husband and I have very dark brown hair. Then she accused us of PLANTING the hair, saying we got one of our friends to put it in the food. What?? We weren't there with friends, let alone BLOND friends. We were finally given a refund only after I began pubically announcing that Thai Kitchen would not refund my money after hair was found in the food. All that for $5 food. Whatever.

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