Bangkok House

104 N Union St
Wilmington, DE 19805



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February 22nd, 2011

We have been eating at the Bangkok House since the 1990s. While we have experienced slow service at times, we have never had any issues with food or service mentioned by other reviews. We have taken guests there who have been to Thailand and they say the food is excellent. We have eaten Thai food in Europe and many cities here in the US and the Bangkok House is the one of the best. We are always comparing other restaurants to it. Living close by was also great for take out, especially on a crowded Friday night.

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December 27th, 2008

I have eaten at the Bangkok House many time and have never had a bad experience. My daughter who lived in Bangkok has also eaten there and thought it was excellent. The service is slow but I go there when I am not in a hurry.

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March 5th, 2008

I also had a bad experience with this restaurant. My dining companion ordered the mock duck dish, which is made with seitan (wheat meat). The dish came with tofu, instead. My companion does not like tofu (it upsets his stomach), and we told the waitress that the order was wrong. She said no, that is the mock duck. When we asked about the seitan (which is what's on the menu for that dish, to boot), she said 'We're out of seitan, and anyway it is the same thing.' Well, seitan has a very different flavor and texture than tofu, and it amounted to an entirely different dish. We were not offered a different item on the menu and we were not comped the meal. That is the last time I've been there and I won't return. It's a shame -- I'd eaten there once or twice before and the food was good (when we got what we'd ordered). The service is truly, uh, leisurely, though. And the basic tenet that the customer is always right simply does not exist here.

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March 30th, 2007

My wife and I selected Bangkok House for dinner on Aug-26/05 because of the stellar reviews we read online. We are seasoned Thai food eaters and know what to expect with good thai food. It was a Friday night at around 7:00pm and there was one other party there - that should have been a clue for us. We found this place to be grossly over-rated and a terrible disappoinment. We ordered a yellow curry dish and pad Thai. The curry stock was good, but the potatoes in it were completely raw. One piece of potato was actuallyrotted and black - the waitress speared it with a fork, said 'It's because it is not cooked' and walked away, with no further comment or action. The pad thai was inedible; something in it was rancid; I literally had to spit out the first and last bite I took. We asked for the bill and the waitress took our plates away without a single comment as to why we had left the pad thai virtually untouched - based on her potato reaction we felt that complaining would be pointless. To cap the evening off, the bill was padded by $5 - I brought this to her attention and she gave me another correct bill. The bill could have been an honest mistake, but the food was so bad that I would not recommend this place to anyone, and I have to wonder how the heck they got the decent reviews.

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