Delight Thai Cafe & Sushi Bar

11928 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45249



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July 19th, 2009

This restaurant is horrible. The caucasian waitress was sloppy and spent most of the time on her cell phone. She knew nothing about the menu. They were always out of Thai ice tea. The Mexican man who took my order took my order wrong and told me that it all tasted the same after I told him this was not what I ordered. This is a very unprofessional environment and both manager and staff will sit at the bar watching there favorite TV show and no one comes to check on you to see if you are okay.

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January 12th, 2008

I had tried the place a couple times and had bad experiences. The last time I went there I had ordered pork and it came with a piece of squid in it (I don't eat squid). The male waiter (who has always been unpleasant to us) told me to put it aside and eat my dish. He wears glasses so that you know the next time you go there. The kids noodle dish was awful as the noodles weren't fully cooked.Guess that was my last visit there!!!!Hope you have better luck.

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February 12th, 2005

I try to eat at the Delight Thai Cafe once a week. The service is always excellent and the food is astounding, far and away the best Thai food I've had anywhere. I usually get the Home-Style Ginger, an incredible mix of vegetables and meat (I always get the chicken) in a striking spicy sauce. The vegetables always taste very fresh. I also find it interesting that the dish is slightly different every time I have it, but it never declines in quality. The soups are also fabulous, and are also cooked differently each time. They have a different soup each day, and I've yet to have one I didn't like. The vegetable rofu is my favorite, and there's another with cocunut milk and chicken that is excellent as well. You can choose the spice level of your dish, and I always get mine the hottest. I also like the rice very much and they provide extra spices you can put on yourself. I've had their Pad Thai as well and it's very impressive. You get a very good amount of food for the money and I've never left unsatisfied. I HIGHTLY recommend them!

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