Thai Farm

800 King Farm Blvd
Ste 125

Rockville, MD 20850



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February 19th, 2011

I have never been to a Thai restaurant that felt so good as this one.. the decor is really nice and you'll enjoy all of the food you ordered... i've been hooked for years now and i can't tell you how much i wanted people to go and try them like i did..a secret spot yet very very good. Call them for directions because it is pretty hard to find but yet an adventure to go look for.

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February 17th, 2011

Have been to this restaurant about a dozen times and never had a bad meal there. Have been to many other Thai restaurants in the Rockville area and this is by far the best....

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January 29th, 2010

Horrible service. Server took plates before we are done. Try to rush us through the door. Horrible at accomendating customer needs. I asked to have herbal tea and they don't have it. They wouldn't give me a cup of hot water so I could put my own tea bag in it. Even I told them I can't have cold drinks or anything with coffee per my doctor's request. On top of that, both the waiter and manager gave me lectures that lasted 10 minutes (could be longer if I did not cut through ) that how I can't make my drink, their rule, their kitchen. As if I am rubbing them by not asking a cup of hot water. Will never go back again.

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December 24th, 2009

Totally lacking in customer service etiquettes. We had reservation for 7:45PM; when one of the guests was going to be delayed due to an accident on the highway, I called at about 7:00 PM to ask if I could change the reservation to 8:00PM, the person on the phone (apparently the manager)was very rude on the phone, indicating that it was a busy night and wouldn't listen when i said it was because of a traffic problem; he said "don't be late" and banged the phone down. We went anyway and while paying the bill asked for a customer card, which they did not have but the server sent the manager(the person we spoke to on the phone it turned out). As I explained that I thought I was being nice to let him know of our delay so he could seat someone else, he very rudely interrupted and didn't let me talk; insisted that I was mistaken and walked off. And the restaurant wasn't busy as he had claimed, there were still several tables empty as we were leaving. The waiter was rushing us through the lmeal picking up our plates even before we were finished. We consider it very bad customer service and will not be going there again as well as let people we know what we faced. 5/25/2007

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October 7th, 2008

I have been to this restaurant 20 times and the food is always uniformly GREAT!!! Service is friendly and the restaurant is well-decorated too. Be sure to try the 'sticky rice with mango' dessert!

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March 10th, 2008

Food and service were excellent. I had a b-day dinner there. We ended up staying way after the restaurant closed (inadvertently), and the staff was still so very kind and friendly. The whole party loved it.

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January 30th, 2008

the service sucks!

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April 18th, 2007


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June 14th, 2005

Best Thai in Rockville/Gaithersburg area. Reasonable prices, nice atmosphere, wonderful service.

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September 14th, 2004

Good foods, Great service, Inexpensive.

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