Bangkok Kitchen


1696 Annapolis Rd
Odenton, MD 21113



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September 25th, 2012

I have been going to Bangkok Kitchen for a dozen years or more. This is, hands down, the best Thai restaurant I've been to outside of Thailand. I recommended it to my sister-in-law, who took her Thai friend there, and he claimed it was the most authentic Thai food he'd ever eaten out in the U.S. I always order off the menu -- their lunch buffet is good, but it's kind of the greatest hits of American favorites, so it's a bit bland. If you order off the menu and request that it be spicy, or not spicy, as you need, they are happy to help. The ingredients are clearly fresh, and the menu has plenty of variety. The staff is very friendly, and the ambiance, while not fancy, is pleasant and comfortable.

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March 16th, 2008

This is one of the best Thai restaurants I ever visited. They have a very unique appetizer item on their list called the fresh spring rolls and one taste and you are hooked. Even my 18 month old picky eater wanted more and he spits out everything. The tiger cried is another great item for beef lovers that has the most amazing seasoning. If you visited Thai places in the past and had a bad experience, you should give this place a try because I drive over 40 miles one way just to get there. It is small but the food is unbelievable and the staff is very friendly. The one thing that could be improved is the lighting. It is more of a cozy, darker setting and I prefer lots of light in my environments. For those who like out of the way, quiet restaurants that make more of an intimate setting, this is perfect. Don't get me wrong however, there are a lot of families with children of all ages that frequent this restaurant. I truly recommend this place for everyone, regardless of age and trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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