Thai Kitchen

3437 Bee Caves Rd
Austin, TX 78746



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September 1st, 2004

I was recently in Austin, Tx and was looking for a Thai restaurant to take my family to. I wasn’t terribly familiar with Austin, but managed to find “Thai Kitchen” a bit outside of downtown. I walked in and they had some sign up that they received some sort of “Best Thai Restaurant” award from a local magazine. My family stood in the front part of the restaurant for 10 minutes. There was no sign saying “Seat yourself” or “Please wait to be seated.” There was a young guy at the register next to us…he answered the phone and I thought someone was calling the restaurant…nope…he was just chatting on his cell phone. Two adults were in the back, but kept glacing at us…so they knew we were there. There were only like 4 tables occupied, too…so it’s not like they were busy. Finally, the young guy gets off the phone…walks to the back then back up to the cash register. Nobody says anything to us. This is top 5 in the worst service I’ve ever gotten at a restaurant. This was the East William Cannon street location.

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